Best Slipcovers


Decorating with Slipcovers

You wouldn't dream of wearing the same suit or dress day after day, month after month. How boring! Besides, as the seasons change you want to look appropriate to the current season. Your home's living space is really no different.

Regardless of your decorating style, traditional, contemporary or eclectic, it's easy to update the look of your home by making a few simple changes. Let's start with your living room.

Going from a cool to a warm season, we long for a breath of fresh air and literally throw open the windows on the first balmy day. Longer days and more sunlight tend to make those once cozy sofa and chairs look dark and heavy in the room. Go for a lighter look by dressing your upholstered furniture in slipcovers made of fabrics that are lighter or brighter. Change the texture from that nubby woven fabric or heavy velvet to a crisp linen fabric or vividly patterned cotton print. Not only will the change look fresher, the new fabric feels refreshing to the touch. Toss on a colorful pillow or two and you've got a great new look in minutes.

Don't forget to revitalize your floors. Warmer seasons mean more tracking in and out, so add area rugs in your seating space. It's a practical accent that will tie the room together for a welcoming warm weather look. If your slipcovers are solid colors, add an area rug with a print containing the colors of the slipcovers. Or, if you like a more minimalist look, a rug of sisal or other woven fibers gives you a fresh outdoors, natural look.

When the calendar is calling for a cooler season, you can have fun with slipcovers as well. If you've chosen practical, neutral colors for your furniture pieces, why not spend part of the year with vibrant color? Shorter days with less daylight can be emotionally trying. There is no better pick-me-up than a dose of color. With the ease of a slipcover, you can be daring with a rich red fabric or a sunny golden yellow to brighten your days and the longer nights.

Wouldn't a deeply piled area rug feel delicious to sink your toes into on a cool evening? Add a cushiony area rug that is richly textured in colors to coordinate with your slipcovers. A couple of floor pillows in faux fur or a jewel tone tapestry fabric create a cozy invitation to linger.

You've just begun in the living room. Do you have a favorite bedroom chair? That's the perfect place to use a silky slipcover for the ultimate boudoir. Add a fringed or braided area rug below. Complete the opulent look with a beaded or embroidered pillow accent. Your bedspread or comforter can enjoy a face lift with a slipcover as well. A duvet, similar to a giant pillowcase, slips over your bed covering for an instant change. Add some extra pillows in shams that mix or match the duvet.

Your dining chairs are also due for a new look. Slipcovers over the seats in solid colors or prints are simple enough to change every month to coordinate with the season or to celebrate a holiday. Or add some drama with slipcovers that dress the backs of the chairs and all the way down to the floor to create an elegant skirted chair. Coordinate your table with a floor length tablecloth for a special occasion.

No matter what the season, take the opportunity to reinvent your living space, simply and affordably. Slipcovers and area rugs transform any room and also extend the life of your furniture and floors. Use these decorating secrets, and you'll amaze your friends and delight your family. Remember, your home is a refection of yourself. Keep it up to date, fresh and inviting.