Best Slipcovers


Furniture covers - Give your home a makeover!

Fitting furniture covers over your old sofas and chairs is a great way to give your home a fresh new look. Furniture slip covers are designed to be really quick and easy to fit, so you can transform outdated furniture in just a few minutes. Chair and sofa slip covers come in a range of sizes and styles, from sectional sofa slipcovers to oversized recliner covers. Covering your well worn seats is a simple yet effective way to disguise unattractive upholstery or protect good quality material from wear and tear.

Furniture slipcovers come in a wide variety of durable and attractive fabrics, many of which are fully machine washable so it's no hassle to keep your chair and sofa covers clean. Think about what would look best with your existing decor and the theme of your room. Choices include cotton, brushed twill, chenille and suede. There are also many different slip cover patterns available, from country check to floral prints and bold modern designs.

There are furniture coverings for all types of seats in your family room, including loveseat, wing chair and ottoman covers. In addition, you could add a touch of style to your mealtimes with some elegant dining chair slip covers or folding kitchen chair covers. Getting your favorite sofas and chairs slip covered can instantly give them a new lease of life, and is an affordable alternative to re-upholstery or buying brand new furniture. If your home's looking a bit tired, some ready made stretch slipcovers could help add some energy and color to dull looking furniture and brighten up your whole room.