Best Slipcovers


Making slipcovers - For a perfect fit!

Making slipcovers for furniture can be well worth the effort. New chair or sofa slipcovers can help give your whole room an instant lift. If you don't know how to make a slipcover, or don't have the time, there are loads of companies that specialize in made to measure custom slipcovers for seats of all shapes and sizes. Making furniture slipcovers involves first of all choosing which fabric would look best. If you've got pets or children, or use your sofas a lot, machine washable fabrics can be a great choice, such as stretch cotton or twill.

The next stage of how to make slipcovers usually sees the fabric being put over the chair or sofa and being cut to size. The separate sections are then pinned and sewn together. An alternative way of making slip covers for sofas is to use exact measurements to produce patterns to make the furniture covers from. Fitted slipcovers made in this way can look very elegant. However, custom slip covers do tend to be more expensive than ready made ones, and it can take several weeks for them to be made to order.

Making your own slip covers is an option if you've got the time and the skill and know how to do it properly. However, there are so many great deals on custom fit chair and sofa covers that it can be worth the cost of having them made for you. All kinds of seats can benefit from a new slip cover, including recliners, ottomans, loveseats and dining room chairs. You can take your pick from a huge range of colors and designs to give your home a smart new look.